About us: The Leading Pool Builders around Haslet, Texas

Genesis Pools and Patio is a team of well-trained, highly-skilled, and experienced outdoor pool builders here in Haslet, TX. We are continuously providing the most reliable pool-related services in the area. Mike, the company owner has lived in Haslet, Texas for 33 years and counting. Through his supervision and leadership, we have devoted ourselves to mastering our skills in the craft of residential pool construction and repair over the past 10 years. As a result of this continuous honing of skills and knowledge in the profession, the quality of work that we do for every project we handle has always been a crowning glory for us. Moreover, building and installing gunite pools for residential properties is one of the expertise of the team.

Honesty and Integrity in all aspects of the business are the values that we, as a team, always uphold. These values have transcended from Mike to all the members of the team; these are the same values that have kept him married to only one woman for 52 fruitful years. We believe that applying these values in our line of work will give the company long successful years in the business as well.

We have always held on to the belief that we do not only construct pools, instead, we are building a lasting relationship with each and every client that we do the project for. After all, we follow the Texas State motto which is “FRIENDSHIP”. This is one of the reasons why the company is trusted and is being referred to more and more people who want pools for their homes. We also provide a one year guarantee on all jobs performed.

As one of the leading pool companies, Genesis Pools and Patios envisions a future where pools are not only acquired by those who CAN, but also by those who simply want to have one to further enhance their family bonding experiences. This is the reason why we provide the most affordable pool services in the area.

We proudly offer:

  1. Concrete Swimming Pool Construction or Installation
  2. Pool Remodelling
  3. Pool Tile & Coping Replaster and Replacement
  4. Addition of Water Features
  5. Outdoor Kit and Patio Design and Installation

Work with the best team of outdoor pool builders in Haslet, TX now! Get in touch with Genesis Pools and Patio today, just give us a call at 817-704-8570 or send us an email at mmdkck33@gmail.com.

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